9th World Congress for Psychotherapy "Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy" - June 26-29, 2020 in Moscow, Russia

Please visit the congress website https://en.planetofpsychotherapy.com/ for further details.

Conference Announcement and training programmes of the School of Psychotherapy and Health Sciences, Okija, Nigeria


WCP 2019 The 19th World Congress of Psychiatry - 21-24 August, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal

The 19th World Congress of Psychiatry (WCP 2019) will take place August 21-24 in Lisbon, Portugal. This is a unique multidisciplinary forum for colleagues from around the world to meet and discuss a variety of topics, generating stimulating debates and fruitful collaborations. Join leading experts and other allied healthcare professionals for this outstanding opportunity to take part in educational sessions and networking opportunities.

Website: https://2019.wcp-congress.com/

ICWSH International Conference on Women, Safety and Health
in Kathmandu, Nepal - August 29–31, 2019

The conference will focus on the health of women in Asia, which is increasingly threatened by poverty, discrimination, violence, and other challenges to physical and psychological well-being.
These challenges have to be approached by interdisciplinary strategies integrating mental health, general medicine and gynecology, legal and social research and interventions.
Recent research as well as intervention models developed in Asia, by international expert groups, organizations and service providers will be the special focus of the conference.
We will offer a limited number of scholarships for students and participants from the Asian region to enhance networking and offer low barrier access to the conference, that will be partly covered by the general participation fees – a sign of solidarity.

Link: www.icwvh-in-asia.org


27th European Congress of Psychiatry, EPA 2019, 6-9 April 2019 in Warsaw, Poland


3rd World Conference on Personality to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam on 2-6 April, 2019

Dear Sir / Madam,

On behalf of the Organising Committee, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 3rd World Conference on Personality to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam on 2-6 April, 2019.

This conference will bring together personality psychologists and psychologists with an interest in personality from the various regions of the world to fully display the different perspectives on personality as pursued in different cultures, to stimulate further cooperation across the cultural borders, and to facilitate the commencement of new research-lines in the field.

For more information on the conference:  http://perpsyconference.com/

For topics information to:  http://perpsyconference.com/topics/

We kindly request if you could consider supporting our conference by placing the banner on your website, distributing our newsletter to your members and/or send promotional material to your upcoming events.
We will be happy if you would bring a group to the conference and will most certainly work out a discounted rate for you.

In exchange, we would be pleased to publish your logo on our website and keep you informed on the status of the event via a monthly newsletter

I look forward to hearing from you and to provide further information.

Thank you

Kind regards

Zandra Langenhoven
Marketing Executive

WCP and Facebook

Dear members, colleagues, friends...        

finally we have our own Facebook Account!
With this internet presence we would like to offer you a platform to be brought together,
to interchange, to exchange information and news, to discuss etc.

Please feel free to visit our Facebook site,
to post useful articles or interesting links to your own work, your publications or projects,
look for partners, find like-minded people and a circle of interested practitioners and researchers.

See you there!


Presentation of WCP in Spanish and Portuguese

A presentation of WCP is now available in Spanish and Portuguese.


World Certificate for Psychotherapy (WCPC)

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Now you get the opportunity to receive the World Certificate for Psychotherapy (WCPC)

The procedure for the application is as follows:

The World Certificate for Psychotherapie will be awarded to all psychotherapists who have a psychotherapeutic training according to WCP standards. The WCP standards fully correspond to the ECP standards – which means that every ECP holder can apply for the WCPC without any problems. The WCPC will be awarded from 2007 on.

If you think that you fulfill the criteria for the certificate, please let us know that you are interested in the award of the WCPC, by writing an email to headoffice@worldpsyche.org. If you are an ECP holder in good standing the only additional thing you need to do to get the WCPC is to transfer the fee for the award. The fee is Euro 350,-- + shipping and has to be paid free of any charges for the WCP. You will get our bank details by contacting us.

As soon as we receive your fee we will check your status as ECP holder. If everything is OK we will issue the WCPC and send it to you. You then will also be listed in on our homepage (name and country).


Globalized Psychotherapy

Introduction to Globalized Psychotherapy (published in Vienna 2002) features an unique overview of psychotherapy all over the world.

Author: Pritz, Alfred (Hrsg.)
Published by: WUV
City: Wien
Year: 2002
Pages: 600
ISBN: 3850766055



The World Certificate for Psychotherapy (WCPC) is now available.
Click here for details

YWCP - Youth Section
of the World Council
For Psychotherapy

Introduction to Globalized Psychotherapy (published in Vienna 2002) features an unique overview of psychotherapy all over the world.
Click here for details

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